December 9, 2009

Welcome to Pick A Geek!

Have you ever thought how you could get the Right Technician for any kind of PC or MAC problems you have ?? If so is the right place for you to pick the right technician for any kind of problem you have. We provide support of all Macintosh and PC networks. All of our well trained technicians can get your job done right the first time, every time.

Our clients include some major companies in the publishing and technology industries. Many of our clients are small to mid-size companies that require quick response time but not a full-time IT guy.

We also do a Geek Referral/Exchange program for most of our clients with freelance PC/MAC Technicians, if you are a geek and looking to provide free lance IT Support please apply at this link on the right side of thispage ,

Call us today for a free phone consultation to discuss your computing or networking needs.We offer on-site consulting services in the design, setup and troubleshooting of computer systems and networks. We do it all.

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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

November 18, 2009

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

Are you mystified by all the wild and wacky information out there on the web? Do you know how to retrieve lost data from a broken hard drive on a PC/MAC? Can you maintain and update a database or do you need Server Support?

No? Then you’ve come to the right place!  I started out as a Technical Support Executive with HP (Hewlett Packard) AIO (All in One) in India. I came to the Big Apple in 2004 and completed my Masters in Computer Science at N.Y.I.T (Manhattan). Upon receiving my degree, I started work as a Team Leader for a prestigious midtown law firm and am currently employed as a System Administrator for Glodyne Technoserve Inc.

I’m also interested in lots of other things besides computers (see links below) so feel free to send me an email, add me as a friend on Facebook, Meetup, Linkedin or email me at:

And if you need help with Premium Web Design, We can do that too! We are a team of 24 people serving northern New Jersey and parts of Metropolitan NYC !  Please feel free to contact us by clicking here !